Spit or miss?

by sub-Bee

Kink of the Week

For me there are two ways spitting can be used in sex and kink.

Firstly, when used as an act of humiliation. When the dominant partner spits either on your face or body or directly into your mouth. This is something I struggle with and it’s actually really difficult to both put into words and actually admit to.

For me it’s a bit like piss play. It’s not something that I’d enjoy even as a fantasy and yet I find it incredibly arousing. It’s all about being forced into something, about having that control taken away from me and being used as an object, a toy purely used to satisfy someone else’s need.

The reality is probably somewhat different. Humiliation play is likely to always remain a fantasy for me, it’s something my partner isn’t interested in at all, which is fine. Besides, the reality of being spat on would probably anger me rather than subdue me.

The second way spit can be used is as lube, spitting on a cock to ease the gliding of your hands whilst giving a hand job, for example.

Again, this is something we don’t do. You see, my partner doesn’t like spit or drool in anyway. We don’t use gags for this very reason and he even cringes if I drool on him when I snuggle up and fall asleep on his shoulder.

There was one moment when we were swinging with another couple when she spat on her hand to use as hand job lube, I saw the little wrinkle across his nose and had to turn away to stop myself giggling.

For us there are two easy way to get around this, I’ll either use lube so my hands glide over his hard cock more easily, lube lasts far longer than saliva anyway. Or I give him a long slow, sloppy blow job and use the saliva that naturally comes from that, strangely he doesn’t seem to mind that!

Written by sub-Bee

Kinky submissive who loves to share her naughty side here at atosubbee.com

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3 thoughts on “Spit or miss?”

  1. May More says:

    You know I have a bit of a problem with spit even as a lube too – think it goes way back – but understand it how he feels x

  2. Mrs Fever says:

    Your comment about his nose-wrinkle quirked a smile. I can totally picture that. And it’s a great reminder that *nothing* is “too small” to be communicated about when it comes to sex. What one person finds completely bland and un-noteworthy can be an end-game squicky turn-off for someone else.

  3. Molly says:

    I can understand how it could be used as part of a humiliation kink but for me spitting is a huge no. I am with on the sloppy blow jobs though


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