Sixty nine

by sub-Bee

Kink of the Week

When I started out on my sexual journey a sixty nine was the ultimate position to try. So when I finally got to try it for the first time the disappointment I felt weighed heavily on my mind. Still, I’m not one to be deterred but it was disappointing the second time too and then most of the times after that too.

I could never really understand why it wasn’t as mind blowing as everyone told me it should be. The answer is fairly simple really. Firstly, I don’t really get much enjoyment from receiving oral, it’s nice but not the best thing in the world. Combine that with focusing on sucking his cock, making sure he’s enjoying himself.

Having said that there is one way Sir has shown me I can really enjoy a sixty nine position. He has to be on top, my arms pinned so I am unable to move. As he licks and bites my labia and clit he is in the perfect position to thrust his cock deep into my throat.

I can reach the edge of an orgasm just from sucking his cock but I need physical stimulation to tip me over the edge. So with him on top and having the control, which taps right into my need to be used. His breath alone is enough to tip me over the edge of an orgasm but feeling him moan with pleasure into my cunt, my orgasm repeats over and over.

Written by sub-Bee

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3 thoughts on “Sixty nine”

  1. Molly says:

    We have adapted the 69 to work for us because oral rarely makes me cum but fingers do


  2. Mrs Fever says:

    I do enjoy the sound and feel of a man moaning with pleasure while licking my cunt. It’s definitely a turn-on. 🙂

  3. jim sedrut says:

    Ohh my Goddess!!! so happy for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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