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by sub-Bee

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A few weeks ago I published this post telling you about the outfit I was about to wear to a CMNF event we were attending, I was asked by a few people for a follow up, so here it is. I know the prompt is about leads or leashes, bear with me I will come back round to them.

This is the second time we have attended a CMNF event and it just ticks so many of my boxes. I love the quiet, calming atmosphere, I love seeing the men looking smart in their suits and I love the feeling of vulnerability being so exposed makes me feel. Like all of us I’m not happy with how I look so for people to see me as I really am and not with the right angles for a camera would be difficult especially as I count some of the people at the event as good friends.

The first time we went I didn’t wear such a revealing outfit, I did however mention that one day I wanted to be brave enough to just be able to wear my collar and cuffs but I couldn’t see it ever happening. Well, I should have know that the very next CMNF event we would attend, that is exactly what I’d be wearing! Needless to say I was nervous, knowing I was wearing it for Sir made a lot of difference but I was still nervous.

I have worn that outfit for him on a number of occasions, none of them in public, but this time around he added a lead to it. He has often joked about putting me on a lead when we go shopping as I often get distracted by something shiny and wander away but I didn’t think he’d actually do it. Also as someone who is fiercely independent being on a lead interested me but also worried me.

How wrong was that fear. I have always worn his collar with pride but this time to be so connected to him at the same time made that bond so much more intense. I felt he was proud of me and wanted to show people I belonged to him. It enforced who was in charge and it was the first time I spent the entire afternoon either kneeling or sitting at his feet.

I had no idea being kept on his lead would have such a deep effect on me. It really was a special day for us and I want to thank everyone who was there to share it with us.

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3 thoughts on “My leader”

  1. Molly says:

    I LOVE this photograph… just a brilliant image. We have never really played with leads but I do find myself curious about wearing one to an event…. it is on the ‘we might do list’ for sure


  2. Dawn says:

    My partner and I had talked about my having a collar, he gave me one a couple of weeks ago for my birthday and I love it! He also got me a lead which I also love. For me it all about knowing that he is in control. I only wish we could spend more time together and I could wear it more often.

  3. f dot leonora says:

    this is a very sexy post, and i love the evolution of the lead…glad it was a special experience for you!

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