A kiss is just a kiss


by sub-Bee

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Over the years I’ve had various different experiences of kissing, it’s one of those experiences that can be either great or an absolute letdown.

I guess the really early experiences of kissing were the times when you were forced to let a non-related ‘Auntie’ hug and kiss you when you were greeting or saying goodbye to them. I hated physical contact as a child, especially the forced kind and I’m still awkward around people I don’t know now.

As I grew I went through the disastrous teenage snogging stage but I’m not going to dwell on them, they were what they were and I think all of us when through that teeth clashing stage as we learnt.

As an adult I’ve had some mixed views about kissing. My experiences have ranged from wonderful to just awful. When we were swingers it was one of the things that ruined my enjoyment and eventually was one of the reasons that contributed to us deciding it really wasn’t what I wanted any more. The coffee breath with a slight layer of toothpaste and the ‘non-smokers’ who tasted like cigarettes (I’m an over sensitive ex-smoker), I spent my time hoping they wouldn’t try and kiss me which takes all enjoyment out of what we were doing. Don’t get me wrong kissing is great, I just need a deeper connection for it to be enjoyable and meaningful.

With my partner, kisses are just wonderful. There are so many types that have so many different meanings. The everyday kisses on the lips that say hello, goodbye, good morning and goodnight. Then there’s the kisses on my forehead that make me feel so cherished and give me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. After that is the deeper more passionate kisses, the ones that tell me how much he wants me. Finally there are those where our tongues touch, they have the ability to turn me on more than anything else in the world. I couldn’t even tell you if his eyes are open or closed for them, all I see are sparks and my breath is completely taken away, I’m helpless and putty in his hands. Those kisses are few and far between, I wish they’d happen all the time because they mean everything to me but because they’re so few and far between it probably keeps that spark alive when it does happen.

Written by sub-Bee

Kinky submissive who loves to share her naughty side here at atosubbee.com

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5 thoughts on “A kiss is just a kiss”

  1. SexyLittleIdeas says:

    I think there’s almost nothing more of a turn off than a bad kiss. And almost nothing more of a turn on than a good one.

  2. Exposing40 says:

    Lovely post! Xx

  3. Molly says:

    Interesting you mention swinging and kissing, it was something that my partner and I tended not to do with others, although there was times when we did, as you say, kissing someone feels oddly more intimate in those situations than one was looking for


  4. Twigs @ 100AcreSub says:

    I thinking oddly kissing is more intimate sometimes than fucking. Maybe I was too heavily influenced by watching Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman as a child?

  5. Simina says:

    I totally feel your pain on the forced affection with relatives. I’m finally at the age where I’m okay with going “fuck that.” I’m also finally to the point where some of my elder relatives acknowledge that I have problems with physical touch and mostly respect that.

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