Keeping me chaste

by sub-Bee

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Seeing as there are two distinct forms of chastity, male and female, I will treat them individually.


This is something that works for neither of us. Sir, with my consent, is always in overall control of both me and us. So to lock him up just feels very wrong to me, it goes against everything we are. I do have to admit I have seen some amazing images of cocks in cages but to me a free willy is much preferable.


This is a whole different story. I love how he controls me, I love giving that control to him, I love how he takes it from me. We’ve had so many discussions and thoughts about how he could have that ultimate control over me and I’m sure we’ll have many more.

When I was living alone I would spend those lonely evening by myself a lot more fun by teasing and edging myself throughout the night and often not allowing myself that final release until the morning. What better way to start your day? So we introduced that into our play too, teasing me denying me finding out where my edge is working out how to stop me and lowering me back down before taking me up there again. Knowing that he knows me far more intimately than anyone else has just makes it all the more exciting.

I finally had the courage to admit to a fantasy that I’ve had for a long, long time. It’s one that scares me more than anything else. Am I able to go this far? I don’t know yet but I hope so. Keeping me under lock and key must be the ultimate tease and denial.

At the moment I think I could only manage minutes and hours, when we lived apart I wasn’t sure I could handle our nights apart locked away from my wandering hands when I missed him so much. Besides long periods of no orgasms turns me into a horrible, tearful and grumpy Bee! But the thought of being locked up while I’m made to watch him fuck someone else, well that turns me on more than anything else I know.

I find images of women in chastity incredibly sexy. Chastity belts combined with metal bras to prevent any nipple play, often combined with chains always illicit a visceral reaction from me. I often find I project myself into that image.

However, there is a huge downfall to this fantasy. I have a metal allergy. How am I supposed to be locked up when my skin will react to the belt? I have seen leather belts but I can’t see how they would work if I’m honest, if I can slide a finger between skin and more pliable leather then the whole point of the belt has failed.

Then there is the hygiene issues, how could I keep a belt on for more than a few hours when I’d have to use the toilet and be able to keep everything clean?

Finally there is the cost. I’m hesitant to spend money on a chastity belt, they’re incredibly expensive, only to find out I hate it and I mean really hate it rather than hating it at the time but deep down actually craving it.

If we can find the right belt that works for us then maybe this is something we could explore but right now it’s staying as a hot fantasy.

Written by sub-Bee

Kinky submissive who loves to share her naughty side here at

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4 thoughts on “Keeping me chaste”

  1. jim sedrut says:

    Hot fantasy!!

  2. Dan says:

    Woman in chastity are so sexy
    … and as His sub do you really have a choice as to whether or not you want to wear the devise? Not all of His decisions will be “popular” but a sub adapts because it pleases Him

    1. sub-Bee says:

      Whilst I partly agree with what you’re saying, I think saying I have no choice is wrong. We have predetermined limits, if I had any concerns about a Dom ignoring those limits and putting either my physical or mental wellbeing at risk I wouldn’t even consider submitting to him in the first place.

  3. Molly says:

    This is really interesting to read. I have a slightly similar fantasy but I am locked in a cage or tied to a chair while he fucks someone else. The chastity device part of it just doesn’t seem to work for me


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