Eroticon 2017 – My highlights


by sub-Bee
Eroticon 2017 The Highlights

I can’t believe it’s been a month since Eroticon and I’m only just getting round to writing my top moments post! However, life has thrown us a few curve balls in that month and despite a whole weekend of inspiration, words just aren’t flowing right now.

Before I start with the highlights I want to say a huge thank you and congratulations to Molly, Michael and Girl on the Net, you have created something truly awesome and you should be incredibly proud of yourselves. We started off not being sure we would fit in, after all I’m just a ‘baby’ blogger who makes no money out of it and just writes for myself. We left absolutely buzzing with lots of new friends and counting down the days to Eroticon 2018!

There were so many wonderful things going on during that fabulous weekend it’s hard to pick out the highlights but here is my top ten, in no particular order.


I finally got to meet so many people I chat to regularly via twitter or via blog comments. I’m not going to list out everybody’s names because I will, no doubt, miss someone off the list. Sex blogging can be a lonely place, many of us are anonymous so this was a rare chance so actually meet people face to face. It gave me so many opportunities to correct the false images of people my mind had created for me. For example I always imagined Girl on the Net was petite, how wrong was I? She’s taller than a giraffe, ok slight exaggeration, and even more awesome than I imagined! I was ridiculously nervous walking in to that meet and greet, I had so many fangirl moments I lost track and it was amazing to find people who were excited to meet me too.

Eroticon Anthology

I know I’ve mentioned this a few times already but being included in it has meant so much to me. It is something I hadn’t expected would ever happen to me. I can’t thank those who made it possible enough. So imagine my excitement when Livvy, after winning a copy in the raffle, asked me for an ‘autograph’. I think I managed to maintain some sort of composure and remembered not to sign my real name! Thank you so much for that, it meant so much.


I’ve wanted a brand for as long as I’ve known they were a real thing. I never thought I’d end up with one but when I saw Gryph put out a request for victims, I mean models, I jumped at the chance. It will get a whole post of its own once words start flowing again.


So many lovely goodies. We came away loaded and next year we’ll bring a bigger suitcase! There were t-shirts and lubes and condoms and mugs and notebooks. I have been incredibly grateful for the mugs since Sir managed to break my favourite one recently!

Sex tech

I am a bit of a geek and I couldn’t wait to actually get my hands on some sex tech. I don’t actually own very many sex toys, things that vibrate are a bit hit and miss with me. Sir once owned a fleshlight but he too doesn’t find toys are worth the money they cost. That doesn’t stop us wanting to know what’s out there. Sadly, other than the technology used in The Pulse, I wasn’t overly impressed. The VR porn we got to look out wasn’t VR at all but immersive video. I do believe it is very early on in the sex tech journey and there is a long way to go yet, I’m excited to see what the next steps will be.

The wrong sessions

This year, being my first Eroticon experience, ended up with me going to all the fun, hands on sessions and not so many of the informative sessions that may help me with my writing or how to pitch. However, I did say that my plan was for a fun, social weekend and that’s exactly what it was so I’m not going to beat myself up too much. Next year, however, I will be using the weekend to improve my writing…who am I kidding, I’ll end up chatting again won’t I!?

Ceramic dildo

I bought myself the most amazing, pretty ceramic dildo crafted by ceramic pleasures. It’s only the second ever dildo I own and the first one I have personally bought. Penetration doesn’t really work for me on its own, so vibrators and dildos just don’t do anything for me. Having said that, he has used it on me and given me my first ever dildo orgasm!! It’s unlikely I’d use it if I’m alone. I hadn’t even planned on using it at all if I’m honest, instead, it deserves to be somewhere on display because it is a beautiful piece of art.

Kink Craft

Once again I got to meet the wonderful people of Kink Craft and I created not just one but two things of beauty, well almost, mine are never quite as beautiful as theirs! I’m not the most crafty person in the world but I do find losing myself in making something and the chattering that goes along with it very calming. Firstly I created a paracord collar, it was great to get an insight of how Sir creates my collars for me. Then the following day we made parachord handles for canes, they are beautiful but it does mean he has two more evil implements to use against me when he sees fit!

Rope workshop

When we signed up to the rope workshop we thought we’d be learning a new knot or two. Instead we learnt a whole different way of playing with rope. Whilst he loves the creative side of ties and knots and I adore seeing his creativity flow. I on the other hand get off on being made to submit and the physical struggle that goes with it. DJFet showed us some techniques of using the rope to do just that. For me it opened my eyes and I really hope he will incorporate it into our play.


I’ve never had much confidence in myself or my writing, it’s one of the reasons I don’t pitch to other people, other than lack of time! I’ve come away with the realisation what I do isn’t too bad, other people enjoy reading what I’ve written. I know Sir will be rolling his eyes because he tells me that all the time! Whilst I will never be the next Emily Bronte, I am me and I should be proud of what I do.


So there we go, just a few moments that were too good to keep to myself. See you next your eroticon, we can’t wait!

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    I’m so envious of your experience and am glad to hear it was so positive for you

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