A face to be sat on


by sub-Bee

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When I first saw the topic I initially thought this isn’t really us. Face sitting tends to be seen as something that is predominant in the femdom world and that isn’t our dynamic.

Realistically though isn’t face sitting just another name for oral? I know it tends to have more of a smothering and control aspect but that is essentially what it boils down to.

To me receiving oral isn’t anything to do with the D/s side of our relationship, he does it because he enjoys it. That’s a bit of an understatement, he loves me sitting on his face. It’s actually one of the first things I said about him when we met, he really does have a face that needs to be sat on. Have I teasingly ground myself into him or pulled slightly out of reach, of course I have. Teasing is fun and not necessarily a D/s thing. There is something so delicious about covering his face in my juices and then kissing it off again. Again, when I’ve played with other women, I’ve enjoyed both sitting on and having my face sat on but again it’s never been a dominant or submissive act, it was just fun.

If I’m being completely honest I’m not a big fan of receiving oral. It’s enjoyable but only Sir has ever made me cum from it and that isn’t on every occasion. So for all those guys out there that have told me they can breath through theirs ears, all I can say is wake me up when you’ve finished! For me receiving oral is more about the pleasure he gets from it and I’d say I get so much more pleasure from giving oral than receiving if I’m honest.

Having said it isn’t part of our dynamic, oral can very much be used in a D/s scenario. Sir can quite happily sit back and let me worship his cock or he can take control and just simply fuck my face. He has been known to do this from an almost ’69’ position, his weight pinning me down, his cock deep in my throat, his balls resting against my nose and I have no control. He could play with my pussy if he wishes or he can focus on his own pleasure and just use me. That ticks just about every box for me, it’s so incredibly hot!

In a way isn’t this face sitting too? He’s smothering and controlling me and that is what I perceive face sitting to be about. So if this really is a similar thing why am I allowed to watch this act yet a female sitting on someone’s face is considered life threatening?

Written by sub-Bee

Kinky submissive who loves to share her naughty side here at atosubbee.com

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1 thought on “A face to be sat on”

  1. Molly says:

    Interesting you mention the blow job thing… I decided that maybe that was a different topic, maybe forced blow jobs/face fucking? I don’t think there is any clear line though.

    Oh and I love the picture you took for this, very sexy perspective


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