What’s the buzz #1

by sub-Bee

What's the Buzz

I’ve been wanting to join in with Share our Shit Saturday #SSOS for quite a while now but life has been crazy. This year I am determined to join in, it won’t be every week because life is still crazy. I’m aiming to manage a monthly round-up but forgive me if it doesn’t quite work out as planned!

This months fabulous writing

The Push and Pull of Depression and Anxiety by Kayla Lords

This resonated with me deeply, even more so after my own battle this past year. When she says “my brain is my own worst enemy”, I know that’s true of me too but if only I could remember that in my low points. But it’s also true it won’t last forever, even if it feels that way at the time! Also, mashed potatoes…the ultimate in feel good foods!

Why are people afraid of me? By Ann St Vincent

I love blogging and I love seeing comments from other bloggers. However, I’d also love to be able to reach others outside the community, to know what I’m saying could help someone. But I don’t know if I do and part of me has wondered if that’s because people don’t want to be associated with someone who discusses such filth. Ann has confirmed my feelings. I hate that we don’t get accepted into the mainstream when what we do is just as useful as a blog on any other subject.

Here we go… by Cara Thereon

Cara has hit the nail clean on the head with this one. As a community we do so much good work and yet there is a growing trend to see who can shout the loudest and shut others down. And yet where does that get us? I don’t have any issues with disagreeing with someone on a point but tell me I’m wrong and out me down for it? Nope!

The President’s club, Metoo and a difficult conversation by Girl on the Net

There is nothing more I can add to this conversation. If you haven’t already read it, what have you been doing? Go and read it.

This months gorgeous images

Come from behind by Molly Moore

My jaw hit the floor when I saw this, I mean, what’s not to love. The hand on the hip and the look on Mollys face. A sheer delight.

Raindrops on roses by Tits and Test Tubes

Wow! I had no idea I had a kink for upskirt shots, consensual ones obviously, this just taps straight into that. I love the colours and the flirty skirt.

Seeking restoration by Understanding Flutterby

The wax, the rope, the bowed head with flowing locks initially called out to me. Then I read her words and it all made such perfect sense. I share those kinks and those kinks, among others, restore me back to my own self again.

Lines of light by Happy come lucky

I adore the lines in this. The straight lines of the blind contrasting with the gorgeous curves of Honey. The contrasts are beautiful, the black against white, the light against dark. The grainy nature of the image sets it all off perfectly.

Written by sub-Bee

Kinky submissive who loves to share her naughty side here at atosubbee.com

You can also find me here: @sub_bee

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