Tongue in cheek

by sub-Bee

Kink of the Week

Tongue In Cheek

Analingus, rimming, rim job, tossing salad, playing the rusty trombone. Whatever you want to call it, I am a huge fan! That’s not something I’ve publicly admitted before, in fact I find it quite awkward admitting to it. Sadly, it’s a kink my partner and I are mismatched with, maybe that’s why I feel uncomfortable with it? I love everything about it yet he hates it…sort of! Sir is a clean freak and whilst that is a good thing, there are times he needs to stop worrying and start enjoying the moment.

On receiving

I do love being rimmed, every nerve in my body comes alight and it is guaranteed to get me moaning instantly. I recall one occasion when we were swinging with another couple, the guy started giving me oral and then rimmed me. Sir looked across quizzically as he knows I don’t make those sort of noises with someone giving me oral!

There was one occasion Sir did rim me, he used a dental damn so there was no tongue to arse contact. Whilst the sensations were good something was missing, there was no warm, wet, squishy tongue which adds so much to the experience. If we were ever to repeat it, which I doubt we will, we need to add lube first I think!

On giving

Kneeling behind a man with my tongue between his cheeks, is one of my go to fantasies. This taps right into my submissive nature. In the past I’ve been made to rim men as a way of humiliating me and I still get off on those memories.

I have begged Sir on so many occasions to let me rim him, I even suggested he could be straight out of the shower but the answer is always the same. Except on one occasion. We had a good evening out at a friends were we’d had an amazing threesome. He’d had a fair few glasses of wine so the combination had left him still horny. Taking advantage of his playfully, tipsy moment I reminded him of things our friend did to him and suggested he’d really love to be rimmed. He agreed. I wasted no time, in case he changed his mind, and delved my tongue between his cheeks. Let’s just say the noises he made were similar to noises I make and the way his toes curled gave away how much he loved it.

Have I managed to convince him to give it another go? Nope. He goes all coy on me, we both know how much he enjoyed it so it does make me sad. Perhaps I need to crack open a bottle or two and see if I can take advantage of him again!

Written by sub-Bee

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3 thoughts on “Tongue in cheek”

  1. Molly says:

    You are the opposite to us then, I am not keen and Michael rather likes it so bit like you it is one of the rare things we are mismatched on


  2. ancilla ksst says:

    I LOVE your title. Tongue in cheek lol. Very cheeky.

  3. Parallelsecrets says:

    My recent experience has shown that when two like minded people meet then the mutual inhibitions kick in and the experience to both is glorious.

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