Taken to task

by sub-Bee

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I have to admit before I go anywhere with this posts, neither of us are very good at tasks and tasking. Tasks fall into two distinct categories for us, there are those everyday household tasks and then there are the sex or D/s related tasks.

Firstly the general house hold tasks. We both work and I often have a fairly lengthy drive to and from work so I’m not expected to do all the household chores alone. I have always said I am most definitely not a service sub! There are some chores he prefers, like the cooking and for that I’m grateful, he is a far better cook than I and he enjoys it whereas I just cook to eat. There are some he doesn’t enjoy doing but if I ask for help he has always agreed to help even on the odd occasion I’ve had to ask a second time.

As for D/s tasks, well if I’m perfectly honest we don’t have too many of them. I mentioned previously we both work and are both busy people, sometimes things just get forgotten and pushed to the back of our minds.

Before we moved in together early last year I was required to wear a butt plug for at least 30 minutes a day and take a photo to send to him. For the most part I did quite well, there were often evenings out, for example, where it wasn’t possible and as long as I had a good reason I was always excused. I also suffer from IBS which on occasion makes any anal play too uncomfortable, again when I was going through a bad spell I was excused. It was actually taking a photo of my own arse with the plug in view that was the trickiest part and seemed to take up the best part of the 30 minute minimum time, not that I’d stick to that, once the plug was in I wouldn’t want to take it back out again!

A more recent task is something I have yet to do. Sir has requested I spend a day we have at home in a bikini. I’m struggling with this one more than seems necessary, I’m happy naked or in underwear but a bikini just makes me feel awkward for some reason. I will do it but a day at home is such a rarity it hasn’t been possible yet.

Other than these two, he hasn’t really set me any tasks. I’ve been going through a period of stress and uncertainty, I don’t have any focus nor do I have any energy. Right now I could actually do with being set tasks to make me do something or face the consequences, it’s something I need to reset my mind and body. Although that works both ways, he is also under pressure at work which distracts his mind and saps his energy. One day we will get through this fog and be back to our old selves again.

Written by sub-Bee

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3 thoughts on “Taken to task”

  1. Wallace says:

    You could change it up and request he wear the bikini 😉

  2. Molly says:

    Ahh the plug task, been there done that (and the photos) and managed to forget to do it too. I really am a bit pants at this task stuff


  3. Cammies on the Floor says:

    I think a day in a bikini with him around sounds like a lovely time to tease and tempt. When my husband and I are together, he won’t give me tasks – it’s the separation (and it sounds like your daily one was too) that creates an almost need for tasks.

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