Stroke of luck


by sub-Bee

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Stroke Of Luck

Hand jobs are something that I’ve never really had much experience with. Yes, there’s always been the quick fumble to make sure a guy is hard enough but it’s never really been something I focused on. I mean guys would much prefer a blow job, right? They can give themselves a hand job whenever they want.

That was until I met my partner. He loves them, I’ll let him explain in his own words why.

When you say love them that’s more, I love them when someone else is doing it. When I do it myself I tend to feel like it’s a means to an end and just something to scratch that itch… probably not the right thing to say haha. When someone else does it I can just enjoy the sensations and thoughts that someone is willing to do such a, in a way, selfless thing for my pleasure, even if I know they get pleasure from it. I also enjoy the feel of a different hand, the positions it can move to that isn’t possible for me, the addition of a second hand is great too and when a warm mouth joins the party it pure bliss.

The only thing is he takes a long time to cum. Often that’s a good thing so I’m definitely not complaining but when I’m either sucking him off or giving him a hand job its not so great! Past hang ups mean he can’t relax enough to cum in my mouth so I understand that.

It does mean though that when I give him a hand job my arm tends to feel like it’s going to drop off before he cums. Quite often that means hand jobs aren’t a stand alone sex act for us but something used in combination with blow jobs etc. I know sex of any sort is about the journey and shouldn’t be goal orientated but I love seeing him cum, it turns me on so much.

Maybe I just don’t have the right technique, maybe he would prefer me to use a different stroke or pressure, I’ve watched him and he does guide me but maybe I’m just not that good at them, who knows?

I have managed to get him off a couple of times so I must be doing something right! But it does mean him cumming from a hand job alone really is just a stroke of luck.

Written by sub-Bee

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20 thoughts on “Stroke of luck”

  1. MariaSibylla says:

    This is a great photo! So much detail, really beautiful!

  2. Jo says:

    That is a bloody gorgeous closeup – all the detail is amazing, and I love how bright and cheery it is! I doubt that you’re “not good” at giving hand jobs – some guys just take a longer time to come than others, and there are a million factors (stress, mood arousal level, environmental factors…) that go into climaxing at any particular time for all of us. I think you’re doing all the right things by watching, communicating, and connecting! <3

  3. Tabitha says:

    Brilliant post – the photo is lovely too x

  4. Wriggly Kitty says:

    I know the arm drop-off all too well. That’s an absolutely stunning image!

  5. Sweeten Dirty says:

    Lovely image and words! I definitely relate to the arm drop feeling. It is so worth it though, in my opinion, as I love seeing them in such a state of pure pleasure.

  6. Violet says:

    Great shot, such a pretty pink! Love reading about your enthusiasm for hand jobs!

  7. Modesty Ablaze says:

    Goodness . . . that is just a stunning (captivating actually!!!) photo.
    Wonderful !!!
    Xxx – K

  8. Aurora Glory says:

    So much detail in this photo, it’s beautiful! I’m terrible at handjobs Lol! They hurt my arm and half the time he winces because it’s uncomfortable. I stick with the blowjobs.
    Aurora x

  9. Elliott Henry says:

    I’m with him. I enjoyed reading your take, Bee.

  10. Catherine Martinique says:

    This is a top notch shot! absolutely perfect detail….and I can so relate to the “arm drop off”…..

  11. Michael Samadhi says:

    Great write up indeed! I once shared your partner’s hang-up, but got over it due to an absolutely determined girlfriend. I also share your “pain” in terms of your partner being “Mr Stamina” (that’s the nickname I picked up from one partner) – 90% of the time it’s an absolute positive, but giving a handjob could be the prescription for carpal-tunnel syndrome. Glad to hear I’m not alone!

    Well done!

  12. Malflic says:

    Fantastic capture in the pic. As for the post i agree that hand jobs are a truly wonderful way to simply enjoy the associated pleasure.

  13. Marie Rebelle says:

    The imagine is absolutely brilliant!

    As for an arm that feels like it might fall of before he comes… I recognize that so much!

    Rebel xox

  14. Jaime says:

    Re arm drop-off, that sure does happen (sometimes I have my hand aching so hard I think I’ll never type again), but hey, we all suffer for love. It’s worth it!

    And that man is very clearly feeling very lucky indeed!

    Great photo!

  15. Accidental Masturbator says:

    Your husband is not at all alone in enjoying hand jobs as much (?) as blow jobs. And I know exctly where he’s cumming from [excuse the pun] about scratching an itch.

  16. Indigo Byrd says:

    I’ll second what Pons has to say on that! But its a great shot, and a thoughtful story. Thanks for sharing xx

  17. LittleSwitchBitch says:

    The dead arm drop off is so relateable xD

  18. Molly says:

    Firstly let me say this is fucking cracking shot, the detail in the skin on the head of his dick is stunning. Hot damn!

    As for handjobs, I am a big fan of giving them, I like how they give me time and space to really concentrate on giving him pleasure


  19. May More says:

    Excellent – love the title and the image is pretty full on but that’s a penis for you 😉

  20. Cousin Pons says:

    Wonderfully written sub-Bee. I know that moment when partner’s arm feels as if it’s going to drop off. xxx

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