Spanking strike two

by sub-Bee

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Spanking Strike Two

A while ago I wrote my thoughts about over the knee spanking and I promised you an update.

Well that update hasn’t exactly gone the way I expected it to. Instead of being spanked more often, we’ve actually gone the other way completely. There hasn’t been any spanking, or indeed any impact play, for months now. Life has got in the way and we aren’t getting the time we need for each other right now. Just when we think things are calming down something else crops up.

Having said that I do like to be spanked. I will wriggle and squirm away and fight him all the way but that’s just me, I need that fight and I need my submission to be taken rather than giving it away.

I find it difficult to go straight to heavy impact, I need a warm up to settle me down and get my head in the right space. Whilst that mind fuck may work for some people I find it puts me out of sorts and I’m more likely to withdraw into myself, which for us, isn’t a good place for me to be. So spanking will often form part of a warm up to other forms of impact play such as paddles and heavier floggers.

I also love the direct contact with my partner, it feels more intimate than when he has the additional distance from me a hitty thing creates. So I’m probably going to say exactly what I said last time, spanking is something we need to do far more often in the future and I’ll give you an update when we do

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3 thoughts on “Spanking strike two”

  1. Sweeten Dirty says:

    Sorry life has gotten in the way of your kink. I hope it settles down so that you can get your kink on. I can definitely see needing a warm up of hand spanking before moving on to other types of spanking.

  2. Molly says:

    Damn life being a kink block. I hope you get your spanking fix soon


  3. May More says:

    Life does have a habit of getting in the way at times and things have not been easy lately for you. But I am sure spanking is something you will come back to. I too do not like to get into heavy impact immediately – like to work up to it but love the closeness I feel with my man after a good spanking. It’s because we have shared such an intimate thing…

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