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by sub-Bee

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As a non-penis owner and also someone who doesn’t have an opinion either way on cock rings, if he wants wear one it’s fine, if he doesn’t that’s fine too. I thought I’d ask the penis-owner in this household for his thoughts instead.

Are you a cock ring kinda bloke?
No. Although we have used one of the silicon vibrating variety once or twice. I know they aren’t ‘proper’ cock-rings but that’s as much experience I’ve ever had.

Do they make your orgasms more intense? Does your penis feel more sensitive when you use one? Is your erection harder, bigger, last longer with a cock ring?
No. Because the one we tried was a light weight silicon rather than a harder material such as metal there was quite a lot of give in it so didn’t really restrict the blood flow which may cause those sensations.

Is there something about the act of putting one on that you find sexy?
No, it wasn’t much different to putting on a condom.

What inspired you to try one out?
This probably has to be the least sexy reason ever! Bee used to work in a chemist and her manager gave each of the staff one when it came in as a new product. We thought we may as well try it seeing as it was a freebie.

Any final thoughts?
To be honest cock-rings aren’t something that have ever really come under my radar. Whilst I’m not adverse to trying new things out, it’s just something I’d never considered. That’s also the same for Bee, if it’s something she really would like me to try because she finds them sexy I would but again it’s not something she’s thought about much either.

So, there we have it. Both of us find cock-rings a bit…well…meh. Will we putting a ring on it in future, never say never but I think it’s pretty unlikely.

Written by sub-Bee

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1 thought on “Put a ring on it”

  1. Molly says:

    See, I am rather intrigued by them, not by the rings themselves but by the effect they have on the penis.


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