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Sinful Sunday


I first came across cancer when I was aged around 7 or 8 when a school friend fought and then lost her battle with leukaemia. The whole class was left reeling for a long time after that, an empty school desk that could never be filled.

It was just before I turned 30 my mother found out she had breast cancer, she faced her own battle and won but ten years on she is still facing the effects of her treatment. Then almost three years ago my Grandfather lost his fight with pancreatic cancer. I have also, within the last week, lost his wife and my Grandmother to cancer too. They were like parents to me and their loss leaves a big hole in my life. Someone else close to me is also fighting it, we’re confident of a positive outcome but the treatment takes its toll. It is an insidious disease and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been touched by it in one way or another.

In most of these circumstances we have had tremendous support from Macmillan. Not only do their nurses help with the treatment and what to expect, they also help with resources for families, where to get help financially etc. This is free to everyone who needs their help, I think they do a fantastic job and deserve every bit of help they can get to continue to provide this service.

I decided to take part in a scheme known as Brave the Shave and have managed to raise over £1000 to say thank you for their support. No amount of money could ever repay what they do in my opinion but it will go a small way towards helping someone else.

I also have a little bit of difficulty with the name of the scheme. In my eyes shaving my hair off isn’t a brave thing to do, it’s something many people facing chemotherapy have no choice in. Brave is something I call people facing cancer and dealing with how ill the treatments can make you. They deserve that term, not me.

You maybe asking yourself what is so sinful about this post, well it’s not sinful at all. I do however feel exceptionally naked at the moment. Never have I felt quite as exposed and naked as I do right now.

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22 thoughts on “Naked”

  1. HappyComeLucky says:

    I havent commented yet because I didn’t know what to say. I do think you are brave and have done a wonderful thing. The image is so striking and beautiful. I’d love to know how you feel about it over the next few days.

  2. Lord Raven says:

    Thank you for sharing and supporting people fighting for their lives and ones trying to help them.
    Cancer is a word I wish I would never hear again, insidious doesn’t begin to describe my thoughts on it

  3. Michael Samadhi says:

    Amazing! Your words are moving, combined with the pic, it’s doubly so. Thank you for sacrificing your locks for a great cause, and than you for your activism!

  4. Aurora Glory says:

    This is such a powerful image and powerful words. I really do think what you have done is brave and admirable. You have done something that will make a difference to people’s lives at such an important time.
    You and your photograph are beautiful.
    Aurora x

  5. Jaime says:

    Kind of a Sinead O’Connor look!

    It looks both brave and elegant! I had a cancer scare a few years back, so I have an idea of how scary it is. And facing the world naked is always a brave thing to do.

    Well done, you! Both for Brave and Shave and the photo!

  6. Jo says:

    Like many others who commented on this, I’ve lost a parent to cancer; any kind of support for research as a beautiful thing. There is a lot of strength in allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Thank you for doing this and writing about it.

  7. Modesty Ablaze says:

    Inspirational and amazing.
    Just wonderful !!!
    Xxx – K

  8. eye says:

    This has taken my breath away. Thank you for being the person who has done this and for posting this inspiring piece

  9. Exposing40 says:

    Brave the Shave. My sector does like a snappy title for marketing purposes. But I agree with Molly, for so many of us our hair is part of our armour and identity. Removing it is a brave action. Also, I must have interview 100+ people affected by cancer and it never fails to surprise me how many of them say they are not brave either. I think brave is a quality we recognise in others but feel uncomfortable acknowledging in ourselves. Xx

  10. Victoria Blisse says:

    Well done you. A Beautiful thing to do in tribute to those who have fought/are fighting cancer. <3

  11. Simina says:

    I lost my dad to cancer back in 2015. He didn’t live long enough to experience the negative effects of chemo, as he died 4 days after his first treatment. This is a very striking image. I couldn’t do what you have done, and I commend you on it.

  12. Cammies on the Floor says:

    You have a beautiful head, I do imagine I would feel more naked without hair. And I think you’re amazing

  13. Indigo Byrd says:

    I am glad you shared this with us it can’t have been easy. Cancer took my mum my brother and my dad, so I can relate to your situation. But I never thought to shave my head – what an amazing thing to do! It’s a really powerful image too…
    I’m so grateful for this group it’s so supportive I hoe you take strength from all of our good wishes and appreciation of what you’ve submitted. Virtual hugs if permitted Indie xx

  14. Marie Rebelle says:

    This image is strong and powerful and stunning. You are strong and powerful for shaving all your hair off, for giving your support the way you did for all the support you have received. Thank you for sharing the image and I hope you share more as your hair grows back.

    Rebel xox

  15. Cousin Pons says:

    Thank you for these inspirational words on a very sad and emotional subject.

  16. Molly says:

    I understand what you are saying I do think what you did is brave. Being brave is not something that has levels in my opinion. Brave for some people can be just stepping outside the house and for others shaving off their hair. I think what you have done is amazing. I think you are amazing


  17. Elliott says:

    You are right about the brave. I’m not sure I could do that. I could shave my head, and did once for a cause similar to yours. Good for you for doing the right thing and raising money for a need you believe in. Always like to see you nude, even like this, nice look. <3

  18. Violet says:

    It is brave to face adversity and create allyship for others with such courage of conviction. Hair or not you’re beautiful inside and out.

  19. LittleSwitchBitch says:

    As I said earlier – I think this is such a brave thing you’ve done. <3 It's also such a beautiful post <3

    I'll have lost my Dad a year in November x

  20. Cara Thereon says:

    You are brave. To some, hair is a huge source of pride and to lose it is devastating. I’ve had family go through cancer also. Lost my father and my mother battled and won. Brave is the best word to use.

  21. julie says:

    Wow that is an amazing thing to do, and actually I do think it’s a brave thing to do. Our hair is so important to us and it is really awful to lose it due to illness or indeed as you say due to the drugs given during cancer treatment.

    You are so right, cancer touches us all and I lost my own dad to cancer 3 years ago. I was so sorry to hear about your nan I really do know how you are feeling right now.

    The photo of you above is beautiful, and actually I hope to see the front view soon xx

  22. May More says:

    Wow what an amazing and wonderful thing for you to do. I too have lost many to different forms of cancer – Thank you so much for sharing that…

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