Looking for my Heathcliff


by sub-Bee

Sinful Sunday

Looking For My Heathcliff

A couple of weeks ago I posted Here’s looking at you about how I saw myself through the eyes of others and found some confidence.

This week is the reverse of that. It’s an image I absolutely hate. Don’t get me wrong, the memories of the fun we had taking this one are still making me smile. How could running around the North Yorkshire Moors naked in the fog not be fun? And I know Wuthering Heights was set in the Yorkshire Dales rather than the moors but I’m calling artistic license on that one!

It was only later when we were checking the images I saw I’d been enjoying myself too much and I’d relaxed my pose so my horrible fat stomach was well and truly on show. We all have at least one part of ourselves that we detest and my stomach is mine. My initial instinct was to delete the image but I didn’t want that to over shadow the fun. I decided it was going to be something just for us, our memories.

It’s taken me almost two years to go back on that decision and find the courage to post it but I’ve always said this blog reflects me and that means sharing the bad and my horrible wobbly bits along with the good.

Written by sub-Bee

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16 thoughts on “Looking for my Heathcliff”

  1. Lapsedcatholicwife says:

    I love the fun aspect of this photograph and yes we all have parts of our body we loathe, but what I have learnt is what we find a problem others less so if at all. So thank you for posting, and did you find Heathcliff?

  2. Jack (and Jill) says:

    I absolutely love this shot. I must say, I’ve never posted a photo I wasn’t completely happy with, so kudos to you for your courage!

  3. Modesty Ablaze says:

    Wonderful, wonderful . . . don’t we all hate our tummies . . . but the beauty, the sensuality, the strength . . . and the fulfillment comes from who we are within!
    Lovely post . . . and lovely photo!!!
    Xxx – K

  4. Steeled Snake Charmer says:

    I love this photo. It’s so relaxed and fun. We all have parts of us that we don’t like, but I think this is lovely.

  5. Mariasibylla says:

    This photo is wonderful! Not only is it beautifully composed of a gorgeous you in the mysterious and lovely Moors, it also totally captures your playful mood of the moment. I’m so glad you didn’t delete it. I struggle with seeing photos of my least favorite parts (belly Tops the list) but i think there is something healing about putting them out there. Bravo for going against your grain and posting it anyway. It’s truly lovely!

  6. JankyB says:

    I understand the feeling completely. I’m glad you didn’t delete. Many times I’ve had the choice between posting the better picture or the one where my ass or cock looked better. A few times I’ll let vanity win. A few of the times I’ve went with the better pic I’ve ended up in the top five and that feels so much better. It’s a great picture and I absolutely love the title

  7. The Other Livvy says:

    Oh this is so fantastic, I am glad you shared it with us! I love the contrast of the greenery against your gorgeous hair and you have such a confident pose. It’s just beautiful! Xxx

  8. Miss Scarlet says:

    You look gorgeous. And I love the pose among the greenery!

    I hate my stomach too and cringe when looking at it. But other people always see us in different ways.

  9. Marie Rebelle says:

    And I am glad you posted this image, because I don’t see a woman with a fat stomach, but a beautiful, confident woman having fun somewhere in nature. We are our own worst critics, that I know. Beautiful, fun image 🙂

    Rebel xox

  10. Malflic says:

    This is a beautiful picture of you. So glad you posted it and chose to keep it and remember the fun.

  11. Jo says:

    I LOVE this shot!!! Your pale skin against the dark green ferns is beautiful, and your title captured my literary heart. I like that we can see the wind blowing in your photo and being able to see the side of your glasses frames is super sexy to me (women wearing nothing but glasses is quite a turn on)… I didn’t even notice your belly!

  12. SilverDom says:

    This is a beautiful image. I think I understand how hard it was for you to post, as I regularly have to put down my own body issues.

    I am very gld you posted this.

    PS. Great boobs! (And other stuff) 😉

  13. Tabitha R says:

    I love this so much. Thank you for being brave and posting it. Really x x x

  14. Molly says:

    I totally hear you. I hate my stomach too… it is the one thing about my body that I would change if I could. The rest I am OK with but that…. meh. However in many ways I have come to accept it as part of me. It is scarred by surgery, babies and being over weight but it is me and I all in all I rather like me now so I try my hardest to embrace it and not to be too hard on myself.

    Good on you for posting this picture, it kind of reminds me of the one I posted of myself on the trampoline pulling a stupid face. I hate that picture too but Michael loves it. Posting that was a real challenge for me but I am glad I did it


  15. Heelsnstocking says:

    Some things that we aren’t so keen on, others absolutely adore…..and I love the roundness of a tummy. Just love the look and the curvy feel when I run my hand across. xx

  16. kat says:

    Bee, I can relate to you so much! I make no secret of my body issues and how much I dislike how I look.

    Funny thing is, when I looked at your photo, the things that jumped out to me were your gorgeous and striking hair and your perfect boobs! Goes to show we see different thing in ourselves than what other see, right?

    And btw, I admire your courage in posting a picture that you are not happy with and that challenged you to share… That’s pretty awesome!

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