Lasting impression


by sub-Bee

Sinful Sunday

This is the final part of my three part series describing our recent experience. Click here for part one and part two.

From the moment the first needle was inserted my nerves vanished and I have to admit I struggled not to space out. I wanted to be able to be a second pair of ears for Sir as there can be a lot to take in and I wanted to be with it enough to ask questions of my own too! Then after the needles had been removed and the cups had been placed, I heard discussions of my blood trickling into the cup and I was so happy but it was a shame it was my back because I really wanted to see what it looked like!

All in all the whole experience for me was an eye opener, whilst saying it was life changing is a little over dramatic, something definitely clicked in my mind. I spent the rest of the afternoon with a daft grin on my face and the high from the experience lasted for days which sadly meant when the drop came it hit hard…very hard. The marks themselves were wonderful, I couldn’t help but have a quick look every time I passed a mirror just to have another quick look which always resulted in me grinning like the Cheshire Cat! The one surprising result was the tension in my neck and shoulders had vanished too, I’d never really believed the traditional effects of cupping however now I’m rethinking that, although I’m sure the endorphins has a lot to do with that too.

Finally, I want to say a huge thank you to Mz Mutley from both of us. It’s wonderful to not only meet someone who is so passionate about their art but to meet someone who is willing to take their time to share and teach someone with such enthusiasm was truly wonderful.

Written by sub-Bee

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15 thoughts on “Lasting impression”

  1. Heaven says:

    I love firecupping, I had it done too me not too long ago it was the best experience ever. It also leaves some nice marks.

  2. Beck says:

    Those are some awesome bruises.

  3. HappyComeLucky says:

    It sounds as if it was a wonderful experience. I wish I could get to more events with my man to see new things.

  4. Penny says:

    Lovely marks!

  5. Simina says:

    Every time I see cupping marks, I think octopus sex.

  6. Marie Rebelle says:

    The marks are beautiful, especially the center one. Sorry that the drop was so hard, but I bet you still smile when you think of your experience 🙂

    Rebel xox

  7. Dawn says:

    I love the marks you were left with but I really don’t like the idea of needles 🙂

  8. Cammies on the Floor says:

    Yay for experiences!

  9. KaziG says:

    Lovely! I do enjoy cupping for the tension release it brings, will be indulging in some of that later today 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  10. Kat says:

    Lovely marks! I’m a bit envious!

  11. SilverDomUK says:

    *shudders* beautiful pic and an interesting story. But… needles!

  12. f dot leonora says:

    i love the marks, and especially the back story!

  13. SassyCat says:

    ohhh that looks like its sore, but in a good way 😉

  14. The Other Livvy says:

    Gosh, I don’t think I’d realised the needle design was so big across your back like that. It must have looked extraordinary! What great marks to have as a memory. Such a great series of posts, thank you for sharing them. Xxx

  15. Molly says:

    I am soooo envious about all of this…. needle play is on my list of things I want to try


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