Jeans genie

by sub-Bee

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Jeans Genie

I make no secret of how much I love jeans. They have to be the most versatile piece of clothing out there. You can wear them with…well anything, I even have an iPad cover made out of a pair of old jeans, complete with a very handy pocket!

There are so many different styles and colours of jeans. You can have skinny cut, boot cut, straight cut, slim cut. You name it, there is a style for you! Or is there? If you’re anything like me, they don’t seem to fit exactly how you’d like. If the waist fits perfectly then they’re too short or if the length is perfect then they just don’t hug your arse the way you’d like them too.

Years ago I discovered Levi 515’s, they fit me like a dream and hugged all the right places. I always stock up when I’m in the US as the price of them in the U.K. is extortionate. On a recent trip to the US I picked up four more pairs of my beloved Levi style but they’re no longer the same, these ones are just too short and flap irritatingly round my ankles. They’ll do for work though so I won’t complain too much but it looks like I may need to find another style to fall in love with.

I have several different styles, probably about twenty of so, each for a different occasion. I have smarter ones for going out in, I have ones that look tight in all the right places and then I have the ones I live in. I am guilty of choosing comfort over style, the jeans I wear day in day out are baggy round my bum. Sir prefers me to wear a different style but these ones just feel like I’m not wearing anything at all.

Do I like jeans on others? Oh absolutely! My favourite jeans on him have to be button fly. If you don’t understand why just go and have a look to see how hot they are. I always love it when we’re playing and he is bare footed, bare chested with a pair of jeans on, it always adds something to a scene when he dresses that way. Whilst a scene for us doesn’t always end up with us fucking. If he’s dressed like that it plays with my mind so much more, the hope, the anticipation heightens my senses to a whole new level.

Would I say jeans are a kink? No but they can be damn sexy!

Written by sub-Bee

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2 thoughts on “Jeans genie”

  1. Molly says:

    As you know I am completely with you on the button fly thing and that description of bare footed and bare chested….. mmhmm!


  2. Mrs Fever says:

    I’m the same way. Are jeans a kink? No. But they are damn sexy! 🙂

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