Hot cross bum

by sub-Bee

Sinful Sunday

Hot Cross Bum

I do love a delicious hot cross bun to celebrate Easter but I’m alone in enjoying them in this house, which to be fair means all the more for me.

So Sir decided to put his misery stick in action and give himself his own personal twist on a tasty treat.

Written by sub-Bee

Kinky submissive who loves to share her naughty side here at

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19 thoughts on “Hot cross bum”

  1. MariaSibylla says:

    This is beautiful! What a perfectly sweet cross you’ve got there!

  2. rigartheslave says:

    Lovely marking!

  3. Beck says:

    Looks like my kind of hot cross buns.

  4. Modesty Ablaze says:

    Very tasty! . . . and such a lovely hot crossed . . . bum !!!
    Xxx – K

  5. Dawn says:

    Great photo 😀

  6. Marie Rebelle says:

    mmmmm now that looks gorgeous… the bum and the blood 🙂

    Rebel xox

  7. Hope Always says:

    Oh wow! ….and you managed to sit on it all through dinner 🙂

  8. Velvet Rose says:

    Oh the ouchy misery stick – aren’t they great!

    Velvet x

  9. Exposing40 says:

    You have such a great bum. I think it every time it’s the subject of one your photos! Well, apart from when I think it’s your breasts!! 😉 Xxx

  10. Molly says:

    Ohhhhh and then ooooowwwwww….. and then ohhhhh again!


  11. HappyComeLucky says:

    Oh, this looks utterly tempting and satisfying.

  12. Elliott says:

    Hot Cross Bun… saw them in the market today… not these though. Hilarious twist.

  13. atiya says:

    very nice bum!!
    happy easter and sinful sunday!

  14. Jo says:

    Hot indeed! You have an AMAZING ass. That is quite a welt!

  15. Cammies on the Floor says:

    OH good lord, that’s from a misery stick?! Ouch

  16. The Other Livvy says:

    What a beautiful bottom! Great photo! Xxx

  17. Malflic says:

    Very enjoyable buns crossed or not.

  18. SassyCat says:

    Glad you both are enjoying 🙂

  19. Amethyst says:

    Oh! This is delicious, pun very much intended!

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