Greedy piggy

by sub-Bee

Sinful Sunday

Greedy Piggy 1

We have developed a bit of a habit of going on cruises. I love waking up in a different location without the need to repack our suitcases each day. More than anything though I love being at sea. The sound of waves lapping, the movement of the ship rocking me to sleep.

Whilst on board the crew go out of their way to make your stay go as smoothly as possible (not like that you pervs) and make sure you have lots of fun on the way. One of their quirks is to leave a towel animal in your room each day when they perform the turn down service. These always give us a laugh, we’ve had anything from elephants to monkeys to lobsters to penguins, or at least we think it’s a penguin! Each night I move it from the bed and carefully place it for the night on the sofa.

Greedy Piggy 2

One day I went and sat on the sofa to read whilst my partner had a long relaxing bath and caught up on a couple of TV shows. As you could probably guess, I don’t spend much of my time in the room dressed. On this particular occasion I looked up and giggled before reaching for my phone to take a quick snap of a very greedy little piggy!

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18 thoughts on “Greedy piggy”

  1. Luv bunny says:

    Cute piggy! Towel animals are a lovely touch to a holiday/ vacation. A cruise sounds very luxurious. Enjoy 😊

  2. Julie says:

    Great photos. I loved the cruise I went on several years ago, hoping I get the chance again sometime.

  3. Tits and Test Tubes says:

    This is adorable and amusing. Truly fabulous. x

  4. Marie Rebelle says:

    Oh that is such a nice gesture of them! I can imagine the laughs you’ve had and that piggy is adorable, even though greedy πŸ˜‰

    Rebel xox

  5. Modesty Ablaze says:

    Just wonderful . . . and so envious of your situation. (Being on a cruise I mean!!!)

    Xxx – K

  6. Jo says:

    This is delightful!!! I don’t know why, but the penguin just reminded me of the jawas from Star Wars. ><

  7. Kilted Wookie says:

    I suspect if I were in Piggy’s position, I might be quite greedy too… πŸ˜‰


  8. Candysnatch Reviews says:

    I’m such a child I love the towel animals too! Great shot!

    Candy xx

  9. Indigo Byrd says:

    I thought it was a walrus too. A cruise and playful toy animals in your room, what fun!

  10. Atiya says:

    a new trick I need to learn!
    awesome image!

  11. Cousin Pons says:

    Towel folding definitely has its perks. Two lovely photos.

  12. May More says:

    Two brill photos – sexy and fun – what more could we need ?

  13. KP says:

    Those are amazing. And handy for, err, mopping up… πŸ™‚

  14. Molly says:

    This is fabulous and reminds me of the time Michael fashioned our duvet into a penis


  15. LittleSwitchBitch says:

    Heee I love this, Bee. Such a playful shot x

  16. Cara Thereon says:

    Cruises are where it’s at! Though the last one we didn’t get many towel animals. I love how fun that photo is. Very greedy piggy.

  17. Mrs Fever says:

    Fun photo!

    Your penguin looks like a walrus to me. πŸ™‚

    I love cruise vacations. It’s been too long since I’ve been on one. Maybe 2019…

  18. Elliott Henry says:

    That’s a cute idea they have, and a clever photo. Gee, I wonder what you did when they left an elephant in your room???

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