Free the nipple!

by sub-Bee

Sinful Sunday

Free the nipple

We were taking images for another post when we noticed a nipple making a break for freedom! A bit like the rest of me, they don’t like to be constrained in clothing.

I’m a hugely body positive person, not always mine admittedly but in general I think we should be proud of our bodies rather than ashamed to reveal them. I really can’t understand that violence of all sorts is perfectly acceptable in media and yet sex or nudity is something that needs to remain hidden.

So this is my nipple protesting at the censorship of the likes of Instagram among other platforms, it is screaming ‘Free the Nipple’!

Written by sub-Bee

Kinky submissive who loves to share her naughty side here at

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25 thoughts on “Free the nipple!”

  1. Cara Thereon says:

    Let that nipple run wild! Free the nipple!

  2. Steamybedtime says:

    I know we’re a week behind here… but only just saw this photo in the weekly roundup. Beautiful image, soft and delicate, so much detail. Lovely. 🙂 x

  3. Exposing40 says:

    What a delicate nipple you have and what an amazing photo. The detail of the fishnet is wonderful. Xx

  4. MariaSibylla says:

    Such a beautiful, delicate, lovely photo!

  5. catherine martinique says:

    A captivating photo and perfect campaign photo for the movement of “free the nipple”
    love the close-up and detail in your photo.

  6. Tiggs says:

    Enjoy the humour, the image and the intent behind this 🙂

  7. Elliott Henry says:

    A lovely image with the delicacy of the threads and the nipple poked thru, like a raspberry just right for sucking between one’s lips.

  8. Modesty Ablaze says:

    Wonderful photo . . . the Queen Bee standing proud from the honeycomb . . . just fabulous!!!

  9. Miss Scarlet says:

    I’m all for freeing the nipple!

  10. Atiya says:

    love the fishnet and how the nipple is able to accommodate in between one of the holes!

  11. Author C.P. McClennan says:

    Just the nipple? I’m an advocate for freeing breasts, period.

  12. Malflic says:

    Completely agree. Free the nipple!

  13. Cousin Pons says:

    To see a nipple covered over in Instagram just seems so wrong. I just can’t fathom why it is done. So it is lovely to see yours in all its splendid glory.

  14. LittleSwitchBitch says:

    This is such an awesome shot, Bee – I love the words attached with it x

  15. Julie says:

    What a wonderful image Bee. I am all for freeing the nipple!

  16. Indigo Byrd says:

    Your nipple looks like a tasty raspberry – amazing sight poking through the net. And I’m all for freeing the nipple!

  17. Molly says:

    This is brilliant. I tried something similar for boobday this week but it is nowhere as good as this shot.


  18. Violet says:

    I am in absolute agreement with you! I love that the pattern of this bodystocking (?) is a hexagon … so bee like!

  19. missy says:

    I totally agree with you. It seems so hard to find the balance at the moment. Amazing picture too.

  20. Jo says:

    I mean – truly, this piece of clothing is just begging nipples to escape. 🙂

  21. Posy Churchgate says:

    Like the tight focus, personally I love fishnet.

  22. May More says:

    Love the sentiment – I agree what can our children learn from us if they can see violence all the time but not the beautiful human form. And this image is absolutely stunning! x

  23. Marie Rebelle says:

    This is a brilliant image. Not only your nipple is perfectly in focus but some if the threads too. Stunning!

    Rebel xox

  24. Kat says:

    Love it!

  25. John Brownstone says:

    Sounds like it is fighting for a worthy cause.

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