Four eyes

by sub-Bee

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Four Eyes

I was about fourteen when the blurred world I was living in suddenly became clear. I had no idea actors on TV were supposed to be something other than blurred blobs of colour and I didn’t understand the point of blackboards at school, I always tried to write things down as they were being spoken otherwise I couldn’t keep up in class.

Sadly, whilst my world became clearer it also became clear that my free, NHS provided, thick tortoiseshell frames meant I would be subjected to endless teasing. I used to keep my glasses in my bag until I needed them, then I’d sneak them on not daring to glance at anyone else.

That early experience has always left a bitter taste in my mouth when it comes to glasses, I hate them just as much now as I did then but I’m no longer around people that will tease me over something so mundane! I do occasionally wear contacts but I’m still not that confident about wearing them, they’re uncomfortable and I can’t see as well as I can in glasses.

In fact it’s only since I started wearing contacts that I’m told glasses are sexy, typical! It’s only been the past few years that the geeky nerdy girl in glasses seems to have become attractive in the mainstream and I’m no good at placing myself in that category, no matter how many times I’m told I resemble Velma from Scoobydoo!

I’ve never had an opinion about them on other people, glasses are either there or they’re not. Having said that I did once beg Sir to wear his whilst he fucked me when he first started wearing them. I think that has more to do with him looking different than anything to do with glasses though, in the same way the rare times he wears a suit is appealing to me.

Do I wear them for sex? Generally not, mainly because over enthusiasm can lead to expensive breakages! Being thrown face down over a bed or sofa doesn’t bode well. There have been the occasional time I’ve left them on to suck his cock but they have an irritating habit of bouncing their way down my nose before being crushed between my face and his stomach so normally they get taken and placed somewhere safe for me only for me to seemingly spend hours looking for them afterwards!

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2 thoughts on “Four eyes”

  1. Molly says:

    Kids are so vile to one another. Reading that bit of your post made me sad but then I got to the bit about your wearing your glasses while you give him a blow job and them bumping down your nose and I was chuckling


  2. Elliott says:

    Your photo and first line made me recall that I was fourteen the first time I had an orgasm. I guess you could try those chains that hold your glasses around your neck. Enjoyed your take on glasses.

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