25 thoughts on “Eye spy”

  1. Cara Sutra says:

    I love how your curves are echoed in the tree! Gorgeous shot. I don’t know how you did this but I don’t care – I’m just enjoying the view!
    – Cara x

  2. Jade says:

    Absolutely LOVE this.

  3. SassyCat says:

    This is an amazing shot. Very creative! Captivating

  4. John says:

    I spy wood! 😉

  5. Heaven says:

    What a sneaky little bee, you look so cute.

  6. KaziG says:

    Amazing contrast, beautifully framed 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  7. Serafina says:

    harsh texture of the trunk compared to soft succulent flesh- very erotic!

  8. Mariasibylla says:

    Incredible shot! The curve of the tree matching the curve of your hip creates a sort of optical illusion. I can’t stop looking at it.

  9. Mia Sinclair says:

    You have framed this so very well! Beautiful colours as well! Brilliant!

    ~Mia~ xx

  10. Marie Rebelle says:

    Absolutely brilliantly gorgeous!

    Rebel xox

  11. Jillian says:

    Now THAT is an excellently framed shot!

  12. Fatal says:

    This is an amazing shot. I love the sharp quality of the foreground and the slight blur on you in the background! Gorgeous, sneaky shot.


  13. Beck says:

    Wow! This was a brilliant capture. I absolutely love this image.

  14. HappyComeLucky says:

    What a perfectct picture. The tree both framing and hiding you – making your stunning beauty even more tantalising. The contrast of your vibrant hair and your smooth creamy skin is brought into even more focus against the green tones of the bark.

  15. Harper Eliot says:

    This is really stunning. Beautiful work.

  16. Hairy Dom says:

    Brilliant framing and contrast in colours and textures. Love it x

  17. Åsa Winter says:

    Very pretty contrast between the green tones of the tree and the pinker tones of yourself.

    Åsa x

  18. Molly says:

    Will you stop being so good!? Actually don’t, I love it… this is fucking brilliant, the splash of red of your hair and the delightful view between your thighs.. just wow


  19. Modesty Ablaze says:

    Very clever, artistic . . . and erotic.
    Xxx – K

  20. Flip says:

    Ooooh, I love this….the colour of your hair contrasts in such a wonderful way with the green on the bark, your curves fill the space between the trees perfectly. Wonderfully clever shot


  21. Jane says:

    What a fantastic shot. The tree almost works like a keyhole and that flash of creamy skin and vibrant red hair are stunning against the greenish bark. Really beautifully done. Jane xxx

  22. bigbuttbbw says:

    Oh wow, beautiful bee! Loving the colours and curves xx

  23. SilverDomUK says:

    Hmm, I need to get out into the woods more often. Seems I’m missing something.

  24. Penny says:

    Oh my WOW, this is an AMAZING shot! The curve of the trees and the way they frame your figure is absolutely gorgeous!

  25. kinkybikermom says:

    what a lovely view!

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