My dirty little secret


by sub-Bee

Kink of the Week

I’m going to start by letting you into a dirty little secret I have, I’ve never been spanked over someone’s knee. I know, it’s absolutely shocking isn’t it?

I honestly can’t tell you why that is, I suppose there is no real reason. I guess it’s just not something that’s come up or even crossed our minds until this prompt came up. I think that pretty much says it isn’t a kink of ours but seeing as I get spanked in other ways I’m not sure why we’ve not explored it.

Looking back to before I met Sir I had only been spanked over benches or on a bed. I think that maybe due to there being a lack of connection with previous play partners. Laying across someone’s lap, being held down or even having my hair stroked between spanks seems a very intimate connection.

When Sir and I met we were living in a small flat with lots of space restrictions so maybe, because I’m a wriggler, he was worried I’d kick a wall or a bookshelf so we tended to use the bed as our play space. We have a bigger house now which means we have the space but possibly because we tend to be creatures of habit it’s just something that didn’t cross our minds.

Now we have had our attention drawn to it and had a couple of discussions I’m fairly sure it will be something we will try very soon and when we do, I’ll post an update!

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4 thoughts on “My dirty little secret”

  1. Mrs Fever says:

    I’ve had partners who’ve found over-the-knee (OTK) spanking to feel particularly intimate, as you suggest it may be for you.

    As the spank-er, though, I find that not to be the case for me. Too much physical strain (and restraint) in that position, too much distraction/worry (is he going to injure himself or break something with the squirming/flailing?), and not enough leverage to give the kind of leave-impressions-of-my-handprints kind of sharp stinging smacks I prefer. It does not put me in a “connected” headspace.

    My S.O.s, on the other hand, find the physical proximity/being-held aspect to be intimately bonding, and overall feel less control over the situation when in the OTK position. Which seems to work for them.

    Interesting how two people, participating in the same activity, can have such vastly different experiences at the same time.


  2. Molly says:

    Maybe it is because you are such a good girl that you have not deserved an over the knee spanking? *laughs at this notion


  3. Simina says:

    It is a very intimate position. I’ve only done it with two people. My ex and a friend of mine that I served platonicly for a while. My play partner and I don’t have the kind of intimacy that involves that sort of physical connection, so it’s not something I get to do right now.

  4. Dawn says:

    You should definitely try it 😀

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