Crawling to be with you


by sub-Bee

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Crawling To Be With You

Crawling is something I believe always looks more appealing than it actually feels.

The images you see of subs crawling for their Doms is something that looks incredibly hot. Physically lowering their level to below that of the Dominant, making them look subservient to their superior. I’m obviously talking imagery and not about the intricacies of D/s relationships.

In reality, I love wearing a collar and lead and being lead around, it taps right into my submissive nature. I don’t know how I’d feel about being made to crawl to fetch something for Sir though. Part of me thinks it would just enrage me but there is part of me that just wonders if it would work for me on a humiliation level. It’s not something we’ve explored but as a fantasy, that really works for me.

Then there are times I’m already at the right level, I can just crawl towards him, unbuckle his belt and take his cock in my mouth. Or turn around and bend over for him giving him the view I know he enjoys.

There is just one problem…my knees! I have the knees of an old woman, I’ve spoken about them before when discussing kneeling. Being on my knees whether it’s kneeling or crawling can be an issue when they’re crunching and cracking. That hot image of someone crawling across the floor suddenly loses its sexiness!

Written by sub-Bee

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2 thoughts on “Crawling to be with you”

  1. Molly says:

    Damn the ‘old woman’ knees…. I have those moments too when I have to ask him to help me up and I know crawling a lot or a signifigant distant just wouldn’t be physically possible but in the right moment I think it is seriously hot.

    Oh and this image is fucking AMAZING


  2. SilverDom says:

    This is a striking image!

    And we get the knee thing, as we both have buggered knees. :/

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