Come on over

by sub-Bee

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Come on Over

Bukkake is a long term fantasy of mine, I make no secret about my love of cum. Couple that with the thought of being used and objectified by a group of men taps right into my humiliation kink.

However, it’s one of those I think will always be a fantasy for me. Whilst being used by a group of faceless strangers works for me as a way of getting myself off it actually raises more issues in the real world.

Firstly, getting a group of men together in one place and getting them to turn up isn’t exactly the easiest obstacle to hurdle. Then there’s the health risk, I wouldn’t know the STI status of a group of strangers. I know they would be aiming at my face and tits but cum doesn’t always go the direction it is intended! So any that gets close to my pussy would immediately make me worry. On top of that, as a cat owner, I tend to be covered in scratches, so a direct link to my bloodstream which is just another worry I’d have.

Having said it’s something that’s likely to stay on my fantasy only list, I’m also saying never say never. If I can find a group of men both myself and Sir trust I’m more than happy to say come on over.

Written by sub-Bee

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20 thoughts on “Come on over”

  1. Bambi says:

    Wow great image!

  2. MariaSibylla says:

    This is incredible! I love the detail, you can see the texture of his come! Just super, super cool!

  3. Annie Savoy says:

    Sometimes a fantasy is as hot in its unattainability as it is in it’s execution. Either way, your mouth looks delicious

  4. Cammies on the Floor says:

    Wow, what a great close up

  5. Exposing40 says:

    Really really hot image. Xx

  6. Modesty Ablaze says:

    Such a strong image! Wow!!!
    Xxx – K

  7. Lapsedcatholicwife says:

    Although it is something I have never considered and probably would never consider, I found your shot to be cleverly executed. It is a very good photograph.

  8. HappyComeLucky says:

    This picture is ridiculously hot.

  9. JankyB says:

    Damn girl. You so nasty. I mean that in the best possible way. Hot!

  10. Heelsnstocking says:

    Yes, fully understand the health risks and getting ‘the right guys’ who understand the rules is somewhat challenging……but when it happens and happens right, it is heavenly!!

    A group of guys surrounding you that are aroused by you and are masturbating with the deliberate intention to ejaculate their hot cum on to you, then, as they do one by one, you can feel those hot splashes running on and down you. xx

  11. The Other Livvy says:

    Oh wow, this is such a hot, hot photo! Really delicious… Xxx

  12. Jo says:

    I had to start reading before I realized what was going on in your picture! And once I did, the breath was knocked out of me – super hot.

  13. Marie Rebelle says:

    I’m totally with you on finding the right men to act out such a fantasy. Safety first… and so many risks to keep in mind.

    Rebel xox

  14. Jaime says:

    ‘Tis indeed out, and glazed.
    Great photo!

  15. eye says:

    Reality often intrudes into our fantastes doesn’t it? Hopefully they don’t stop you enjoying the thoughts. ☺

  16. Krystal says:

    This pic strikes so many key notes for me! I’m going to have my hubs take a pic like this of me, so he can make it his wallpaper on his phone!

  17. SassyCat says:

    I think the health risk is the main reason why bukkake isn’t acted out. Far too dangerous. Sexy shot…very sexy!!!

  18. Camille says:

    This is wildly sexy, and the perfect time for a close-up shot! ~C

  19. Elliott says:

    Hadn’t thought of the cat angle. I think it’s one of those things that’s fantasized about rather than done. I would have no interest in participating with a bunch of guys, but would have definitely liked to have helped with this photo. I did do it in a threesome once with another guy and we decorated her chest while she squeezed us.

  20. Molly says:

    “The right group of men” definitely the biggest hurdle when it comes to this kink I think…. Oh and that picture is just ALL the hot


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