Buzzy Bee

by sub-Bee

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Buzzy Bee

I bought my first vibrator when I was fairly young, I must’ve only just turned 16 if I actually waited that long. I got it home, unwrapped it, admired it, inserted it, turned it on and waited. I moved it back and forth but still, other than the stretch, I felt nothing. All that noise for vibrations that did absolutely nothing. Since that time I’ve bought other vibrators and the effect is the just the same.

Once I understood more about my body and I realised I’m all about my clitoris and insertable toys don’t really work for me. I did graduate on rabbit style vibrator and finally the explosion, I assumed would happen first time around, actually occurred. However, with the dildo section in place, holding the rabbit ears in the right place is just awkward. No rabbit I’ve ever used had the correct clitoris to vaginal opening distance correct, we just don’t all fit the ‘correct’ mold!

It was around that point I gave up, my fingers do a much better job. I can keep the pace long and teasing or I can have a needs must quickie wank in less time than a vibrator of any kind can give me.

Having said that, I was given a small bullet free when I purchased something else. It would be rude to turn it down without giving it a try wouldn’t it? Well that little thing packed quite some punch, we definitely did have a lot of fun with it. But that statement says quite a lot, we had fun with it, not I had fun with it. He liked to watch me play with it, we’d hold it against my clit whilst we fucked and I’d also use it on him adding a different sensation when I was giving him a hand or blow job. Eventually we killed the battery and didn’t bother replacing it.

Even though I have have a lack of enthusiasm towards vibrators I decided to treat us to a Hitachi Magic Wand, I’d heard plenty of good things about them and I couldn’t resist temptation. In that moment my thoughts towards vibrators changed in an instant. I went from not feeling anything to get that thing away from me! I have developed a real love/hate relationship with it. Like the bullet I’ve never even thought to use it alone, I’m still all about the tactile feel of my fingers. We have a few attachments including a cock sleeve which Sir enjoyed on a lower rumbly setting. Mostly however, it’s used as an instrument of torture against me.

Sir delights in pushing it against my clit gradually building the speed up until it’s on its highest setting then holding it firm as it rips orgasm after painful orgasm out of me. He often needs to use his full weight behind his attempts to keep my legs spread wide open so I can’t get any relief from its unrelenting force. My wand is the only thing in the world that makes me squirt, I will never forget the look of shock then glee on his face as I covered his thighs the first time it happened!

I can only deduce I need full on mains powered vibrators to have the desired effect on me, it may save me a fortune in batteries but I’m sure my electricity bill has shot up as a result!

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2 thoughts on “Buzzy Bee”

  1. Rush says:

    My wife and I use vibrators frequently to enhance our lovemaking, although she also likes a good fingering or licking.

  2. Molly says:

    I definitely prefer my fingers to any vibrator but like you, they definitely have their evil place in things


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