Bee’s wax


by sub-Bee

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Bee's Wax

Wax is one of my favourite things in the world. There are so many aspects of it that all combine into something utterly mind blowing.

I love the anticipation, I will be laying down unable to see what he is preparing. Then I hear the strike of a match as he lights the first candle and I know he’s ready. The sulphur smell as he extinguishes the match is the moment I know to stay still and wait. Then there is more anticipation as the wax melts, where will it be dripped, when will I feel the first drip.

And there it is, the sting as the first drop of wax hits my skin. The searing heat awakens all my senses. Drip after drip falling onto my skin, the heat building. I’m squirming because it feels so delicious against my skin. The sound of the candle being blown out always makes me wonder if it’s all over or if he’s just switching to a different candle, layering the colours to suit his plan.

After all those delicious sensations I get to see what he’s created. I just love how kink taps into his creative side. His designs are always beautiful, from the random splashes of wax that trickle down my skin, to the beautiful well planned designs. Those designs always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

The candles used are Kandles by Kitten‘s Bee Sting set. She has the most beautifully coloured sets and this one was too perfectly named to resist!

Written by sub-Bee

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22 thoughts on “Bee’s wax”

  1. Swirling fire says:

    I’ve been curious about candles and dripping wax long before I realised why. You’ve really piqued my interest to one day try this. The bee on your bottom is wonderful

  2. Exposing40 says:

    I love this post so much. Great description and what a cute bit of art on your arse (tits! 😂). Xx

  3. Kayla Lords says:

    That is such a cool wax design! We still haven’t tried it but I want to!

  4. Julie says:

    I love your description of the sensation and want this so much. The beautiful image is a tribute to Him; I love it xx

  5. Monika says:

    That is so cute. I’m the beginner when it comes to wax but I am starting to enjoying it more now. The smell is amazing.

  6. Victoria Blisse says:

    Wow, what a creative and artistic bee, love it!

  7. Annie Savoy says:

    this is such a cute but sexy picture! I love the colors and the drips 🙂

  8. She Bangs says:

    Oh the bee is adorable and I can just imagine how it felt creating him!!Gorgeous x

  9. LittleSwitchBitch says:

    Awesome photo, Bee 🙂 I love how vibrant the wax is x

  10. Cousin Pons says:

    Lovely wax bee. So artily crafted on your naked flesh. Many thanks for the in depth description. Never tried it myself but rather think I would like it. Would have to find a working partner though because I imagine doing it to yourself is just not the same.

  11. Aurora Glory says:

    This is exactly why I love wax play. Mixing the creative with the kinky. I absolutely adore your wax bee, perfect for you!
    Aurora x

  12. Marie Rebelle says:

    Wax play is stunning, before, during and after 🙂

    Love the image!

    Rebel xox

  13. Tits and Test Tubes says:

    This is wonderful – adorable and sexy and oh-how-I-want-to-try-wax-play-now. x

  14. Molly says:

    Oh yes to all of this about wax play and I love your bee, Bee


  15. Malflic says:

    Very cool take on the kotw.

  16. Bondage God says:

    This is fantastic very creative with your wax play.

  17. Indigo Byrd says:

    Thanks for this detailed post on wax, its really interesting, and I love the image!
    I’m also cross with myself. I bought a couple of candles at Sexpo intending to experiment on myself and I’ve left them at the Oasis, dammit!

  18. Modesty Ablaze says:

    This is so wonderful . . . and such a clever piece of artwork!
    Love it !!!
    Xxx – K

  19. Mrs Fever says:

    Fun! 🐝

    Very cool of you to include the etsy link ~ I always like to see support for creatives.

    I really like the way your enjoyment factor comes through in this post. It’s obviously an activity you both really like, and that is evident not only in your words on this post but also in the photos you create together throughout the year.

  20. May More says:

    I love this Bee – the way you have got it just right and knowing what it must have felt like. Great image and creativity!

  21. Rebecca says:

    You along with all the other females (and males) on Sinful Sunday have a wonderful body and I adore the colours used in this wax play. And you have answered some questions re wax, such as heat etc. I bought candles from Kink Craft at Eroticon this year but we have never used them. We spent a lot of time googling whether the candle would set of the alarms in hotels but apparently it does not. The one time I remember the candles we forgot matches/lighter and being naked in a hotel was not conducive to popping out. I love your photographs and your story and I particularly love the link to you in the wax

  22. Elliott Henry says:

    I can hear the match light and smell the sulfur. Your words have drawn me into your world as I imagine the feeling of the wax. I’ve never tried that I wonder what it would be like to have wax dribbled onto my cock. What I like it, would the pain be too much?

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