To beard or not to beard

by sub-Bee

Kink of the Week

Sir very often has a beard. It’s not something he makes an active choice over, it just grows until he knows he needs to smarten up and he’ll shave it off again. When we met it was usually a weekly shave, that seems to have slipped a little and quite often it’ll be about a month before it goes now.

How do I feel about it? Well I’m not particularly fussed. I understand shaving daily would just be uncomfortable, razor burn and cuts aren’t a good thing for anyone. I love the feel of his face when he’s clean shaven but I also find myself running my fingers through his beard when it’s getting long too. A beard makes him look older, I don’t really have any feeling towards that either. I think he looks sexy both when clean shaven and younger looking or bearded and older looking.

Its the bit in between shaven and bearded I don’t like, that awful stubble stage. Its sharp, prickly and horrible. I pull away from kisses at that stage which I actually think stems from childhood experiences of my Dad trying to rub his stubble against my cheek which made me squeal and run away. Which is pretty much the same response Sir gets when he tries to kiss me with stubble!

As for the sensation of beard against my vulva, I have no real feeling either for or against it when it’s in the softer stage but when he’s in the prickly stubbly stage my thighs will clamp tightly shut!

I guess that all sums up my feelings towards his beard, fairly ambivalent if I’m honest. Although looking back into my dating history I think I always discounted meeting people with facial hair, maybe I need to know someone before I can accept their facial hair with my ambivalent attitude.

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3 thoughts on “To beard or not to beard”

  1. Twigs says:

    Beastly has very fine hair even at stubble stage. It’s just enough to add extra tingles but not abbrassive. I love it at that stage and he hates it. He likes to be smart and that means clean cut. But every now and then he will deliberately leave it for me. And I have a whole day or two to stroke and admire it.

  2. f dot leonora says:

    i think you are right, it is the man that matters before you get picky about his facial hair!!!

  3. Molly says:

    I like the stubble phase actually it is when it gets too beardy that I find myself recoiling from the kisses…. which is never a good thing


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