At his feet

by sub-Bee

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At His Feet

Being on my knees as he uses my mouth, teasing me with just the tip of his cock to when he grasps a handful of hair and thrusts into my throat. Then there’s the times I’m kneeling on all fours whilst he slides his cock into a waiting hole from behind.

I love the thought of being on my knees for Sir. The wait, the anticipation, the gazing up at him from my lower position to the being used. It calls out to my submissive nature in so many different ways.

I know he loves the shape of my arse as I’m bent over in front of him. I know he loves the feeling of control and dominance over me. I know how he loves the sense he has of me serving him and I know he loves the feeling of me giving him extra respect from that position.

Sadly, as much as we both love that position, it’s something that I can’t hold for too long. Growing up I had lots of problems with my knees, I could easily dislocate them doing even the simplest of tasks and that could be up to several times a day. My kneecaps aren’t quite in the right position which creates painful grinding. Whilst I’ve had surgery and physiotherapy which has helped, my knees will never be in proper working order.

There are times I will kneel for him but I know I need to look after them and no kink is worth causing long term physical damage over.

Written by sub-Bee

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  1. Molly says:

    I LOVE this picture. It totally sums up what is hot about kneeling for me


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